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Well, the  last few days of spring are finishing off with a bang. Wild winds, rain, muggy, hot days including the first total fire ban of the coming season. Lots of thunder last night scared all of us it was soooo loud.

It has been a very quiet week, after the initial rush to see Mt. Victory Road open it appears everyone is busy getting organised for Christmas.

We are both sad and very excited. Firstly we are sad because our good friend Tina, who worked in the cafe next door, is continuing her travels which means she has left town and we may not see her again. We hope she has a very merry Christmas and safe journeys. xxx

We are very excited because we have some new friends comingto live with us early, in December. We can’t wait to meet them. Aunty Cheryl hasn’t told us yet who is coming so it will be a big surprise!!!!

Quiet Mark went off to a new home, he is a lovely chap who was always very well behaved, so we are very happy for him to have found a new loving family. Lots of luck Mark xxxxx