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Goldilocks & the Three Bears


Goldilocks and the Three Bears from the Isabelle Fairy Tale Collection by Charlie Bears. Daddy Bear, is the largest in our family set, has a coat which is made from a dark, thick, two tone, tree bark brown alpaca. He has strong, sturdy feet so he can stand and towers way above our little Goldilocks. He has sculpted paw pads for easy porridge eating, high set ears, extra face sculpting and additional eyebrow detail and of course spectacles as he loves to read to Baby Bear every night. Mummy Bear is made from super soft, luxurious, cookie coloured alpaca and she is a mid sized bear,but is still much taller than little Goldilocks. She truly has a very feminine look about her, she wears a lacy ruff collar and a fascinator in her hair. She has a very pretty loving expression on her face with additional sculpting and a hand embroidered nose which has been delicately air brushed. Baby Bear is the little one in the bunch, his coat is made from a gorgeously thick alpaca with lots of the same details as his parents which clearly show his family resemblance. Goldilocks is made from a warm porridge coloured mohair,due to her design she’s able to stand on her fabric coloured paw pads and arrives wearing a traditional lined pinafore dress, rosebud patterned cotton blouse and full lace apron with a hand tied bow. Her fairy tale costume can be fully removed if wished.
Size – Daddy-48cm/19″, Mummy-41cm/16″, Baby-33cm/13″, Goldilocks-32cm/12.5″

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Size – Daddy-48cm/19″, Mummy-41cm/16″, Baby-33cm/13″, Goldilocks-32cm/12.5″